Do I need to make a reservation prior to renting, and if so, how much notice do you need?

Definitely! Making a reservation as soon as you know when you may want to rent a kayak, canoe, paddle-board, or paddle boat can make the rental process much easier on us and for you. We might not always have the type of watercraft you may want to rent on a specific day/time so it's always wise to book ahead of time. At least a days notice is very helpful for us to plan our delivery schedule to make sure we are available to bring you your fun on the water when you request it.

What happens if we made a reservation but the weather doesn't look the greatest or something came up and our plans get changed?

You have nothing to worry about! We totally understand how unpredictable the weather can be and how something unexpected may occur that could ruin a fun day planned on the water. That's why we don't require any deposits when you rent with us! We want your rental experience to be as worry free and easy as possible. We just hope you'll reschedule with Webb & Sons Paddling Rentals to give us a chance to get you out on the amazing water ways our great state has to offer!

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes! We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, checks and cash wherever we may be! We can then send you a receipt via text or email.

Can I transport my own paddling equipment to a body of water?

You sure can! We actually encourage it if you're adventuring out for a few hours so you can go at your own pace and be more self efficient...all part of the experience! We just ask that you make a reservation ahead of time so we can make sure someone is at our location to help you load your vehicle for the first time and to collect rental form information and payment. We supply the knowledge and the equipment to be able to put almost any rental option we have on any vehicle!

Are kayaks safe for non experienced paddlers?

Our kayaks are very stable and comfortable and are easy to use for a wide range of ages and size. We'll make sure you have the right boat and PFD that will best suit you and then give some helpful pointers before you head out on the water.

How do I make a reservation?

There's a tab on our website called "Reservations Form" that you can fill out and submit to us! We'll contact you within 24 hours to confirm everything and get a credit card on file that'll be used as your deposit. Near the top of that page on the right side is our waiver and rental form. You may review those or print and fill them out to hurry along the pre rental process. You may also contact us via phone call, text message, email, Facebook or Instagram and we'd be happy to complete your reservation that way as well!

Do you offer any hourly or half day rates?

When you rent from us we give you and charge the entire 24 hours (or longer for multiple day's of renting.) We will offer discounts if you'd like to transport your watercraft yourself which we will help load and offer any supplies you may need to scrap it down

Are you located directly on a lake or pond that we can paddle from?

We aren't located on a body of water but we are .3 miles away from the public boat landing on the north end of Maranacook Lake in Readfield! We or you can easily grab your desired paddling rental equipment from our location and drive right on down! Go for a quick paddle around the islands or pack a lunch and go paddling for the day and explore near Maranacook's train trestle and beyond that splits Readfield and Winthrop.

Is there an age limit for kids to go out on the water?

No. As long as a parent/guardian signs the waiver for them (must be 18 years and older to sign) and they feel comfortable with them on the water, we allow children of all ages. We do require children to wear life jackets and have sizes specifically for infants, youth, and children, in addition to adult life jackets